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In the U.S today it is estimated that more than 20 percent of the population have statutes which recognize the legal therapeutic use of herbal cannabis or cannabinoid-based medicinal preparations.  Twenty-four states allow use of the whole-plant cannabis.  Another fifteen or so have CBD-only laws which authorize the use of low-THC, high-CBD content cannabis.


With estimates of medical cannabis use ranging from a couple hundred-thousand to two million, the use of cannabis for medical treatments is on the rise.

Nurses need to understand how and why ill patients are choosing this treatment, and how this use effects other medical treatments.

Navigating the rapidly changing legal landscape and the clinical practice implications for addressing cannabis use in patients presents challenges and opportunities for nurses.

The ACNA is the only nursing educational and advocacy organization representing endocannabinoid therapeutics in the United States. ACNA members show dedication to the special legal, medical and sociological issues posed by the Federal Governments Schedule 1 placement of cannabis. Nurses who advocate for medical cannabis, or are patients themselves, sometimes find themselves subjected to inappropriate investigations and disciplinary actions. ACNA is a voice of unity, where nurses can assist each other in defending the right to discuss this treatment with patients, or utilize medical cannabis programs ourselves without fear of retribution.

It’s Our Time

As US citizens, we are in the middle of a tidal wave of increased cannabis understanding, a tidal wave that continues to build across the nation. 

“Out with reefer madness and marijuana and in with the science of the endocannabinoid system and the healing properties of cannabis. It is exciting and rewarding to be a part of this major patient advocacy effort to end cannabis prohibition.”~ ML Mathre Founder

It’s our time to make the most of our position in healthcare, to influence in positive ways the importance of medical cannabis and to shepherd its acceptance into mainstream medicine. I encourage you all to embrace the important role of the nurse as an essential member of the healthcare team, and to use your voice to advocate for patients as we move through the complex maze of transforming healthcare and embracing the end of cannabis prohibition. 

Benefits of ACNA membership include:

Cannabis nursing is a new specialty area of the nursing profession and the ACNA is working towards recognition by the American Nurses Association (ANA) which will allow credentialing in this specialty.  ACNA has already taken an important step in the credentialing process by developing a Core Curriculum in Cannabis Nursing with a competency exam (Competent in Cannabis Nursing by ACNA).  May 2014 in Portland, Oregon was the first year ACNA presented the curriculum and awarded Competency Certificates. 

The ACNA website provides a members-only discussion forum on which nurses can network and communicate confidentially and securely.  This is such a new and exciting field with new information coming available almost every day.  ACNA is the leader in the endocannabinoid/cannabinoid therapeutics information for nurses everywhere.  

Credentialing is the next step and will take some time. There are stringent regulations associated with becoming a recognized sub-specialty. Your support of ACNA will help us achieve that goal more quickly. 

Immediate benefits of membership include:

  • Extensive educational materials with up to date cannabis nursing information including our website (www.cannabisnurses.org) filled with nursing news, position statements and more.
  • Developing state groups that will facilitate "meet and greet" forums.
  • Cannabis Nurse News blog that provides regular links to important news articles and research.
  • The Members Only Forum on the ACNA website.
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