New Website Tour and Demonstration

Here is the video from the New Website Tour & Demonstration conducted for our members and supporters. The video is 31 minutes in length (~ 21 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of Q&A). It offers an overview of what the site offers, how to login and initially use the site, as well as what we have coming-up in the weeks and months ahead.   

We will also be adding helpful content and links in the Members Only area of the site. Members will receive an e-mail informing them of the latest updates.

There are 2 items we want to call your attention to at this time:

  1. Please update your Profile! Add your picture, fill-in all the attributes, so ACNA can have a greater understanding of our membership and your fellow members can find you in the Member Directory.
  2. If you have renewed or registered for CannabisCare 2020 and need a receipt, you can find that in your Profile. 

Over time, your history of activity and involvement in ACNA will be at your fingertips in the Members Only Area!

Thank you!