Across ACNA's social media platforms, we have featured some of the incredible professionals, who show the breadth of the talent and expertise that comprise our association's membership. Below and on the following pages, we are presenting "Member Spotlight" features. We thank Member Marissa Fratoni for her work in assembling and writing the Member Monday series.

Are you interested in being in the Member Spotlight?  Contact Marissa Fratoni at: [email protected]

Barbara Shey  |  Jessilyn Dolan  |  April Hatch  |  Sandra Guynes  |  Kaylene Gray  |  Sonja Hintz  |  Dedee Culley  |  Marissa Fratoni  |  Leigh Zarda Carr  |  Ivory Davis  |  Heather Shelton  |  Lisa Hedin  |  Mike Harvey  |  Barbara J. Ochester  |  Jamie Rollins-Worster  |  Ashley Wynn-Grimes  |  Kurt Kalker  |  Arleen Crider  |  Eileen Konieczny  |  Laurel Gibbs  |  Carey S. Clark  |  Patricia Jeskie  |  Veronique Gettis  |  Nadine E. Hottat |  Kondi Walters-Smith  |  Florence Jessica Jackson  |  Megan Ober

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