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ACNA is proud to partner with organizations working diligently to advocate and advance medicinal cannabis. Click here for more information on sponsorship opportunities with ACNA. 


ACNA members—Radicle Health provides cannabis curriculum at a diverse range of price points for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

We're currently offering the following packages:

  • Cannabis Foundations covers foundational cannabis topics. If you’re new to cannabis, start here.
  • Advanced Cannabinoid Science and Therapeutics covers more complex topics that are relevant to healthcare professionals.
  • Condition-specific topics are also available for those subject matter experts who are interested in how cannabis impacts a specific condition or disease:
    o Chronic Pain, Parts 1 and 2
    o Cannabis and Cardiovascular Disease
    o Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome
    o Cannabinoid Nanoemulsions. 

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A source for the science of the endocannabinoid system, aggregated for easy success...

Cannakeys puts the science of the ECS at your fingertips to build your knowledge and improve outcomes.


Since its inception in 2016, CannMed has grown steadily to attract some of the most prominent physicians, researchers, scientists, and cultivators in the industry, and has become increasingly recognized as the one cannabis conference where industry-altering breakthroughs are announced. Last year, Raphael Mechoulam, the founder of cannabis research, announced a breakthrough in producing fully stable synthetic acid-based cannabinoid molecules for treating a variety of disorders, including obesity, diabetes, and chronic pain.  

This year's conference will be no exception. CannMed 2020 will have over 50 speakers divided among four different focus areas: Science, Medicine, Cultivation, and Safety. The event will also include a full-day medical practicum where presenters will share the latest research, their clinical experience, and practice guidelines related to cannabinoid therapeutics. A new section in this eight-hour course is dedicated to reviewing the types of extractions, products, and optimal dosing of cannabinoids for various therapeutic scenarios. 

Visit us to view the latest list of presenters and buy your tickets today! 


This holiday season, Medicinal Genomics and CannMed are giving back in a big way! From now until December 18th, 2020 enter to win a FREE ticket to their Medical Practicum happening on April 12th, 2021. ($400 VALUE!)

To enter to win, visit here and register (only those who register will be considered). Want to increase your odds of winning? Follow @CannMedEvents on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or Instagram.